Flexible delivery

What happens if I need more plants than I’ve ordered?
Our production process is set up to take account of (seasonal) peaks. In most instances, we will be able to fulfil your additional requirements.

What can I do if I need my order immediately? 
On working days, Aardse Orchids processes orders within 24 hours. If you need something faster, please contact us by phone or email. We will do our utmost to help you out.



World market

Which countries can you deliver to? 
Most of our plants are sold on the European market, whether this is Spain, Norway, Poland or further afield makes little difference. Subject to the conditions we can also deliver to markets beyond Europe, such as Russia and Turkey.

Bespoke work

Can you also supply bespoke work?
We try as far as possible to accommodate all our clients’ requirements; the possibilities for tailored work are just about endless. A few examples of bespoke work include specific packaging materials, the application of barcodes or labels, or the use of a specific pot.



Get the maximum from your plant

How can I increase the Phalaenopsis’ lifespan? 
At Aardse Orchids we put all our efforts into extending the plant’s lifespan as long as possible. We always welcome the opportunity of sharing our knowledge in this area. This ensures the plants remain at their very best during transport and in your shop. If you have any queries or remarks in this field, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

What are the best conditions to keep the plant under in the shop?
There are various significant matters to consider when placing the Phalaenopsis in your shop. The plant must not be placed directly in the sun or in a draughty spot. It is also not a good idea for the plant to be in the vicinity of the fruit and veg section or near cooling units. A place out of direct sunlight with a constant temperature of approx. 19-20 degrees is best. This should normally keep the plant in top condition for 10-14 days (inclusive of transport).




Who is responsible in the event of damage occurring during transport?
Responsibility lies with the haulier involved. This also means that clients are responsible for this stage if they organise their own transport. Aardse Orchids has ample experience with transporting plants and can advise you on any queries you may have in this regard. You can also opt to let us organise the entire transport. If you are interested in this or have any other questions, please contact us.

Our wealth of experience means we can offer individually tailored solutions.

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