Tomaszewski Sp. Z.o.o. is a Polish grower and importer which has been in business for almost a century now. The company is recognised for its trustworthiness and is always open to new ideas, opportunities and possibilities. Tomaszewski continues to develop, smartly anticipating evolving market conditions. The company manages the extraordinary feat of supplying both private customers and retailers; a challenging combination that few successfully achieve.

"Aardse Orchids has been our business partner for the last four years and currently is our only Phalaenopsis supplier, which tells you everything you need to know about their excellent level of service.

What’s important for us is their:

Product capacity
Open and direct communication

Another strong point is their handling of logistics. They do their utmost to ensure we both develop. They also keep us up to speed and informed of any good news, and together we look for solutions to any unexpected surprises or challenges."

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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