Perhaps the world’s most beautiful plant…

The Aardse family chose to concentrate solely on growing orchids in 2002, and more specifically the Phalaenopsis. Literally translated the name means: “looks like a moth”. Observed from above, you will immediately see what inspired the flower’s name. The plant probably originated in Malaysia, however today it can be found everywhere across the globe. With its approximately 20,000 subspecies, the orchid probably forms the largest plant type (family) in the world.


Our Phalaenopsis

Aardse Orchids has over 15 years of experience cultivating the Phalaenopsis. By retaining the entire production process in our own hands, we are able to carefully monitor it and make key adjustments when and where necessary. From the very beginning our primary aim has been to optimise the cultivation process. This has resulted in durable and strong plants. They are also compact, which easily facilitates large-scale transport volumes.

Aardse utilises cooling, underground thermal energy storage, cogeneration installations, heat pumps, screens and misting installations to process the plant as efficiently as possible and encourage the Phalaenopsis to flower beautifully. The quality of our plants is  safeguarded by the full use of these systems. Meanwhile, at every step we continually monitor whether these systems fit within our vision of sustainable entrepreneurship. At Aardse, we highly value social responsible entrepreneurship and continue to look well beyond what is strictly necessary for the MPS certification.


By making quality our key aim, we have managed to grow a strong and reliable plant.

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